Faers return with punchy new single, "Rome"

London outfit Faers have today returned with their punchy new single, "Rome", which leads on from their 2021 single "Halfway" - which was their first track since 2019. The band have now got well over 300k streams on Spotify, and too right, their music is always punchy and filled with sugary elements to get you hooked, and "Rome" follows on from the same recipe of the previous releases.

So with that in mind let's delve into their second track since 2019. The single build sup rather well from the simplistic intro and starts to evolve right before your ears. The drizzling guitars work really well over the bass and drum lines, which sounds like it's a Glass Animals track, which is one of their biggest influences might I add.

What Faers have that Glass Animals don't is that they're a smaller band in terms of exposure, which means they can experiment with their sound a lot more, and this blend of Indie-Pop and dreamy electronic sections showcases to us and everyone that this band means business.

With sold-out shows already and a solid fanbase with lots of tunes already on Spotify they sound like the real deal. So head on down and get your sugar fix with Faers's new offering, "Rome"