Faith Low releases synthy new single, "Manic"

With now six strong songs under their belt Faith Low now has released their synthy new single, "Manic". Hot off the heels of a good 2021 campaign it now sounds like Faith Low is looking to break out and into your hearts.

Hailing from the beautiful Scottish city of Edinburgh it sounds like the city centre has rubbed off on their work, the soundscape here is bold, atmospheric and with a slightly retro feel underlying it all. The latest release is a sugary indie-pop gem and "Manic" sounds like the bigger brother of the previous release. It's a smidge darker and is a bit more on the slower side, but it really holds itself with atmospheric elements dashed all over the single.

Speaking about their influences Faith Low mentions - "I grew up on nu-metal/grunge and a lot of early 2000's bops. My influences range from slipknot to Lana del Rey and a lot of Kanye west." - which will now tell you why the grandness of "Maniac" lines up with Lana Del Rey's tracks and the production reminds you strongly of Kanye's peak in the mid 00s.

It's no wonder why with every release Faith Low is getting more and more plays, here's to a million more! "Manic" is a track you just have to stick on and enjoy, trust me when I say that.