Frankie Orella shines through with powerful new single, "Hold Me Together"

Good old Nashville, TN, we have lots of artists who have been on the site that have blown us away and Frankie Orellia sounds like she's come from the same cut. Frankie Orella's latest track really shines through and is rather powerful in the best moments. "Hold Me Together" is her newest release and her vocals here sound like they're just perfect down to every detail.

The last release from Orellia was her covers EP, titled "Covers I" it featured her own spins on such songs as "Yellow" and "Viva La Vida" both by Coldplay and a Spotify smashing cover of Pat Benatar's "Heartbreaker" - which is her most played track to date.

"Hold Me Together" is backed up with cinematic instrumentation you've got strings mixed in with big drum sections and commanding guitar lines. It's a real blend of Indie subgenres, Rock, Folk and Acoustic are all heard here with it all being wrapped up with pop sensibilities which is probably why she's got the Spotify plays she has. With the tracks she has I expect a big rise from her in the coming year.

Speaking about the new single Frankie mentions - "When we wrote this song, I wanted a way to communicate all the things I’m scared to say out loud to people I love. It can be easy to assume people close to you will eventually leave, so this song is like a plea to stay when the relationship is strained."