Heddy Edwards shares glowing new single, "Cherry Picker"

Washington DC's very own Heddy Edwards last week shared her jangly and glowing new single, "Cherry Picker". The single is only her second release, following on from her debut single "white lightning".

The two of her singles have already found their way into a handful of big Spotify playlists, marking a strong start to her musical odyssey.

If you like the bright and jangly guitars of the 1990s then Heddy Edwards' new track is for you. Think of The Verve if they had more fuzz and even more atmosphere. The track boasts huge synth sections which just adds to the sparkle, and of course, her vocals are draped all over the track - even the haunting backing vocals are hers!

Speaking about the new single, the DC resident says - "It's a self-written and self-produced plea to once again find the rosy, happier version of myself while I was struggling with undiagnosed mental health issues and the loss of a loved one."  - it's an emotional rollercoaster and really does take the listener back tote heydays of the 90s rock scene.

If you love the dreamier sound of Wolf Alice and some glistening synths wrapped with warm and jangly guitars then Heddy Edwards' new single is for you!