Hot Lime Canary return with captivating new single, "Cool Water"

Californian act Hot Lime Canary have returned with their captivating new single, "Cool Water". 
The single leads on from their strong debut "Make Me Dance" - which now acts as the B-side to the single - and continues along with the trend of releasing a song every two weeks, so expect to hear a lot more from this trio in the coming months.

Where their debut single was more upbeat this new cut is a bit more of a chilled affair with what feels like a smoky haze taking over their music. The intro sounds very Glass Animals to me, but once the main event starts it's once again a brooding take on Indie-Rock with commanding guitars drizzled in sexy reverb and vocals that will have you falling head over heels.

Hot Lime Canary has already been placed on a handful of Spotify playlists, and for good reason too. As you can hear from this track and their debut they don't sound like they're releasing any old track for the fun of it, they're releasing quality tunes that'll have you turning into a fan rather quickly.

They're making a name for themselves already, and even though they're just two tracks into their adventure we can see the path ahead being adorned with amazing singles such as "Cool Water". expect plenty of swagger, glossy production and lots of vibes that'll keep you coming back for more.