Jesse Brady releases uplifting single, "Conflicted"

Today sees the return of Jesse brady as she has released her brand new single, "Conflicted". With well over 80k plays on her debut single last year it's safe to say it's been a quick rise for the Nashville based singer-songwriter. She's also had her music plays on countless radio stations up and down the continental USA.

The Florida born singer's latest single is on the rather light side of pop, intertwined with some indie-pop sensibilities found in the likes of Haim and Blondie's best work. You can easily see her influences rubbing off on her, and we can't help but love it.

In he new single there's plenty of airy synth moments that help elevate the track even more, and especially in the chorus there's a slight country vibe in her vocals that adds depth to the - what's already a bright - song.

The song was also recorded and produced by Jesse on her own and once again shows the capabilities that she has. She's authentic as it comes, and with heart in the vocals it sounds like she's going to be winning over more fans with every release that passes.