Joe Traxler unveils upbeat new single, "Forget How To Speak"

Austrian singer-songwriter Joe Traxler has returned with his first studio single of 2022, "Forget How To Speak". The new cut follows on from his live version of 2021's "Don't dance" - which is one of his finest pieces of work to date (so far).

Why so far? Well "Forget How To Speak" may just rise above the rest, especially with his vocals swooning the listener into agreement right from the very first word.

Instrumentally the song is rather tight, it's got soaring and yet wholesome guitar tones, high and glistening synths backing it up and of course sparkles of wizardry. Back to the vocals, it sounds like Joe is getting more and more comfortable with his voice, they're direct but yet gentle to the ear.

The breakdowns in the single are also noteworthy, the build-up to the chorus towards the latter half of the song is amazing - I can certainly see this being a track his fans can't wait to see him perform live!

The new cut is lifted from his forthcoming debut album, which is due for release in May of 2022. With well over a million plays on Spotify already across his singles everyone at the website feels like he has got a great future ahead of him, so be sure to give him a follow!