Keaper reveal soaring new single, "Day By Day"

After a successful 2021, the Australian quartet of Keaper has revealed their soaring new single, "Day By Day".

Since we shared their single "Wasted Light" in March last year they've evolved and have developed into a band that sounds like they're going places.  Indeed Australia is (and always will be) a big hub for emerging bands of a high calibre, but Keaper sounds like they're at the forefront of the new breed of acts. 

"Day By Day" is four minutes of pure anthemic glory, starting from the beginning you're greeted with smooth vocals and some delicate guitar work before bursting into the light for the chorus. Here the band showcase their talents for everyone to see and with the screeching guitar being the most prominent instrument you're left gob-smacked as it sounds like a song that should be closer for any major music festival.

What Keaper are going to do next is anyone guess, they evolve and develop quicker than most bands, and now with "Day By Day" doing the rounds on Spotify it sounds like they're onto a winner here. So head down and delve into their soaring new single, if you're a fan of Indie-Rock then Keaper are a keeper for you (sorry I had to).