Lara Snow shares upbeat new tune, "Castles in the Snow"

 Late last year Lara Snow revealed her intimate single "Wild Sea", and hot off the heels of that successful single is "Castles in the Snow".The Tel Aviv singer-songwriter has got over a quarter of a million Spotify streams as of writing this article, and from what we can hear is that she's looking to double it - it's that big.

Speaking about the new single she mentions - " ... "Castles In The Snow" is about my deep and endless love for music, and the chase and heartbreak that it often brings. It is my most passionate lover and my most poisonous relationship of them all."

Written with her long-serving collaborator - Jonatan Harpak - the track delves deeper into the synth-pop genre with it getting borderline ethereal in places, but with it also going into dark realms too. It's much like a Star Wars storyline, there's the dark side with the deep bass and synths and the light side with the shimmering drum patterns and her glistening vocals.

"Castles in the Snow" sees Lara trying to shake off the CHVRCHES comparison and going in her own direction. Now that she's making a name for herself in the vibrant electro-pop scene, and of course, with that, she's now becoming a bigger name in the Israeli music scene.

Be sure to follow her on the socials as she's due to be dropping an EP later on this year!