Lilo Powder shares atmospheric new single, "One Of Us"

Stockholm duo Lilo Powder just this Friday shared their atmospheric new single "One Of Us", which is their first since their debut EP "The Pull" came out in 2020.

The single is the definition of dream-pop, with perfectly reverbed and fuzzy guitars welcoming you into the song, the vocals are hazy and give the sense that something big shall be coming later in the track. 
Even though the track is dreamy it has an underlying dark element, but that darkness just helps to create the rather atmospheric sound. 

As the track ticks on by it ever evolve, and ultimately the guitars around the halfway point are higher in the mix, drums come crashing in and then "One Of Us" really becomes a beast that's truly alive. It's epic, the way this has been built up is awe-inspiring and reminds us of Foals best work combined with the atmospheric noises you hear in Radiohead's best work.

The video perfectly compliments the track and was made by 3D artist Mathias Lindgren, with the band saying "It brings the viewer an abstract alternative world where the light meets the dark."

If you want to go on a musical ride today then look no further than Lilo Powder's astonishing new single, "One Of Us".