More In Luv share sugary new single, "Living For Two"

Liverpool's More In Luv have recently dropped their sugary new single, "Living For Two", which if you're new to them is a fantastic intro to the band. They had a solid 2021 last year with some storming singles "Like You" and "Someone Else" pulling even more fans and plays for the quartet.

Speaking about their new single the band say - " ... "Living For Two" was written about being from a place where you’ve never felt protected by the people hired to do exactly that, and despite it all, all you want to do is build a good life for yourself and the people you love."

There's plenty of bounce to this track, and with watery synth noises and spritely guitars dotted all over the track, it's no wonder this has become an infectious track for us all in the office. You too will end up loving More In Luv based on this track alone!

The foursome has already sold out music venues in their native Liverpool and has also been performing on festival stages in the UK, pretty good if you ask me considering their first proper release was just in 2020. Of course, a great band has come out of Liverpool, the water they drink must be something different. 

The newest bop is slower than the previous singles but still packs a punch with the listener, it's a real ear-worm that showcases that they can not only create fast tracks but can switch it up and do the slow jams too.