Opal Skies drop a banging new track, "Parasite"

In West London last Friday Opal Skies released their huge new track "Parasites". Why so huge I hear you cry, well the intro is literally a wall of soaring and meaty guitar hooks laced with drum fills for days, the intro here is pure rock and roll, and certainly gives the listener a taste of what's to come.

The vocals especially remind me of Nine Black Alps and Placebo in places with the anthemic snarl of Oasis' early songs, one thing is plain to see, the band are going out and out to get your attention from the first play - heck, the first 5 seconds!

Speaking about the new single lead singer Will Sharp says - " ... "Parasite" is a song close to our hearts. We’ve all gone through times in our lives where we have had spiralling negative thoughts and it feels like a parasite in our minds." with the Guitarist Tom Zero adding "The riff for the song was made when Will and I first met back in 2019. It went through various different stages and demos with the rest of the band in putting their creative vision, before arriving at its final version that we are releasing on the 18th. We’re so happy with how it ended up and we can’t wait to play it live to our fans, it’s going to be mental!"

The band launched their songs back in 2020 and have since gone on to get a solid amount of plays on Spotify, not to mention being playlisted by some music curators and even editorial playlists too.

The new single shouts to everyone that listens to it that Opal Skies are here and are ready to take over the scene, as the five-minute-long rock anthem will suggest they certainly know how to hold people's attention, and almost certainly will generate a new fan out of you. With a new batch of songs incoming for this year it's 100% this isn't the last time you'll be hearing from Opal Skies.