Our Propaganda releases their powerful new single, "My Ghosts"

London/Southampton outfit Our Propaganda have their powerful new track out, "My Ghosts", which is also accompanied by a  music video directed by the band and Tony Palmer.

The new single is hot on the heels of their 2021 single "Essential love", which helped them get onto several Spotify playlists and to be selected to play at a festival in their native city of Southampton and go on to headline and sell out the 1865 venue in their hometown.

Speaking about the song the band mention - " ... "My Ghosts" is about how your past comes back to haunt you in your darkest moments. It's about how sometimes, you never really let go of the problems you face as a young person. It's once again a song about accepting them as part of the person you've become. "They'll never leave me but despite them, I carry on". It's about reconciling with painful memories and knowing that they’re not the arbiter of how you go on."

The new tune is one that Biffy Clyro and Placebo fans would feel very at home too, the vocals are the key ingredient here, commanding the guitar tones in every possible way. The track is a rather dark affair with some epic and atmospheric effects on the guitars ensuring that even the biggest venue could be filled to the brim with their expansive sound.

The new tune sounds like it's their biggest yet, and since their inception, back in 2016, this new slice of music sounds like it can only push them forwards. So if you're local to London or Southampton be sure to keep an eye out for them on the live circuit.