Soft Set unveils latest track, "More More More"

Toronto act Soft Set have returned with their first track in two years, the sensational "More More More" is out now and it's been infecting our ears and getting us all groovy ever since.

The band cite bands ranging from The Stone Roses, The Smiths to My Bloody Valentine, via Slowdive and Happy Mondays. In fact, if you listen carefully to the track there are elements from all of the aforementioned bands, from the airy vocal hooks found in The Stone Roses work to the expansive guitar tones that Slowdive has.

The band are now currently playlisted on over 40 Spotify playlists with their music on heavy rotation, and no wonder why. With a song title such as "more More More" the listener clearly wants to listen to them plenty more, the addictive plinks and plonks at the start of the song hooks you in, before the almost hazy guitars come in to keep you in it for the long haul.

Speaking about the song the duo says - " ... "More More More" is about loneliness and how people generally cope and sometimes never find happiness. Most of the time, life doesn’t have Hollywood endings and you should cherish what you have and not waste precious time looking for things you don’t."

If you're looking for a slightly left-field dream-pop band then hit up Soft Set, their Spotify is waiting for you to get lost in!