The Fades drop banging AA-single "Lost My Job / Time is Right"

In an era with most bands and acts releasing single after single that do not appear on albums it's even rarer to see them release an AA-side single, but that's exactly what The Fades have done with their thrilling new single, "Lost My Job / Time is Right".

"Lost My Job" - this is the opener of the double-header and opens up with strong moments of guitar backed up with funky tingles and direct vocals. There's a slight ska tint to the bass and guitars here with the vocals reminding me of Art Brut if they rocked harder. The direct vocals mean that you can really paint a picture of what the singer is on about, and the sex saxophones only adds to the overall experience.

"Time is Right" - sitting at JUST 107 seconds long the second half of the single doesn't hang about, as you're off into a whirlwind of guitars and vocals right from the word go. There's a slight Sum 41 madness about this which as a 90s kid I have to say I love. It's pure chaos ad sounds like it is the perfect track for them to slip into their live set to give people a mosh pit. 

What The fades have done here is not have a shitty interlude that merges the two songs into one long one, but they've made two cohesive pieces of work that is proper art. This single release is something to be proud of, well done lad - heck even their press release was pretty damn punky!