The Thing With Feathers return with soothing "Sundays in the South"

Nashville's The Thing With Feathers have returned with their second release of 2022, "Sundays in the South" - which came out the same day as the EP - and this single came just before the release of their debut EP of the same name. Since forming back in 2019 their first EP has been eagerly awaited by not just the band but all of their fans, and the title track might just be their most delicate offering to date.

"Sundays in the South" is by far their calmest track to date, and set's the scene for the listener right from the off, warm acoustic guitars laced with those ever so inviting vocals - it's stripped back but showcases that The Thing With Feathers are not just a band who release anthems, but modern love songs too.

With warm and loving lyrics such as "I just wanna fall asleep / I just wanna fall asleep in your arms / In your arms" I feel like the band has finally branched out and has now touched upon an emotive genre, intertwined with the instrumentation are strings that helps to elevate the track even more so, adding depth and making it bold and yet ever so soothing.

As mentioned before, their debut EP "Sundays in the South" is out now and was produced by Owen Lewis (who's worked with Snow Patrol). This EP is a snapshot of what the band is capable of and will seriously give them one mighty boost going into Spring - expect to hear plenty more from them in the years to come!