Under Delusion reveals the dark and eclectic track, "Lover"

Russia is an absolutely ginormous country, yet you don't hear too much from what comes out of the county. Mainly down to the music being in the native tongues of the country, but Under Delusion's dark new cut is one that's really grabbed our attention.

Lifted from their album of the same name, "Lover" was released last Friday and is a majestic whirlwind of dark electro elements mixed in with post-punk vocal hooks.

They've been building up to this since the release of their debut single back in 2020, "Shame", and sounds like the band is from the midlands of the UK rather than Moscow. The dark-pop sounds remind us strongly of The Cure in places mixed in with the slower jams of Crystal Castles for the pure atmospheric feel.

The dark and slightly industrial vibe won us over after only couple of plays. It's an alluring track with bass aplenty for the listener to really get into. It's melodic and will easily hook you into listening to the rest of the album - worked for us!