Arrays drops huge new track, "Obsidian Oceans"

Arrays hails from Aukland, New Zealand and yesterday he dropped his stunning new single "Obsidian Oceans". His new cut is his second tune of 2022 and is a big glimpse of what's to come from his upcoming album "PATIENCE WAY".
" ... it's a rip-roarer of anthem."

As soon as you press play you're welcomed to some screeching guitars and thick bass, it's a track that launches like a rocket. The fast-paced nature of the track gives a sense of urgency and with JP's vocals commanding the instrumentation, it's a rip-roarer of anthem.

The whole project is JP Carrolls and serves as an outlet for his creativity, and with music such as "Obsidian Oceans" coming out of it, this is one heck of an exciting project. Based on his previous efforts the way he has developed over previous releases the album is going to be one big cacophony of hard rock with huge vocal moments.

With over 20k streams so far and lots of playlists picking up on his tunes Arrays sounds like an artist you need to follow, there could be an even bigger tune coming soon by the sounds of it.