Bonze reveals huge new track, "Self"

London's Bonze are gearing up for their debut album with the release of their big new track, "Self". The band have been previously featured on BBC Radio London and even The Clash ha picked them up for a feature, not bad by any going for a new band - let alone a solo singer-songwriter!

Bonze is looking to break it into the bigtime with this tune!

Speaking about "Self" Bonze mentions - "the song is autobiographical as being a commentary on my 'self' and my struggle in tackling my own personal issues. Secondly, it is also a message to the listener to reflect on the instant-gratification nature of western society and how, instead of being seduced by other things to make one happy; they can instead rely on themselves."

Bonze will be supporting the amazing Dutch Criminal Record in London later on this month and are looking to break it into the bigtime by the sounds of it with this tune!

"Self" is a cross of a few genres, there's some dark electro-pop elements with the industrial soundscapes made up of effect laden steel-drums and deeply-thick synths, combine that with the Indie-Rock sensibility of the guitar tones and you have a track that's addictive from the first play.

The vocals especially are perfectly dreamy and compliment the whole atmosphere of the track. It's honestly a bit mad that Bonze is a solo project and sounds like it's been recorded with multiple people and a solid producer at the helm of it all!