Delta drops funky new cut, "Lumination"

Delta, based out of New York, NY is a solo project started by Brandon Neuburger. The act has since evolved quickly from the debut single and now has some smooth saxophone tones from his friend (Joe Natale) to add to the mix. With four songs behind them now Delta has now released the same as many songs in four months this year, and as you're about to find out they've saved the funkiest track for April - and my gosh we're excited for you all to hear it.
"Lumination" is a track that Nile Rodgers would be proud to call his own.

As the track starts you might think it'll be a smooth and ambient track, but as it kicks into gear it bursts into life. As previously mentioned the funky guitar hooks are what this track is all about, add in those sexy Sax tones and it's something that Nile Rodgers would be proud to call his own.

Since Delta has been releasing music at the tail end of 2021 they've been picked up by US Radio stations and multiple Spotify playlists. The future is certainly sounding bright based on what we've heard so far, so if you're down for some funky indie crossed with RnB tones then Delta's new single is for you.