Lazy Hunter drops catchy new single, "influencer"

Hailing from the North of England we have Lazy Hunter and their arty new track, "influencer". The new single is the duo's first since the release of their 2021 EP "antisocial" and sees them push their sound even more than ever before.

The duo have also found their music being played on BBC Introducing, Radio X and even on a TV placement on Made In Chelsea.

The track opens up with some big drums and almost math-rock sounding grooves, it's as if Everything Everything and Foals collaborated with each other in their early days - that's what the first minute or so would sound like.

The vocals that the duo have is very dreamy and direct, it helps that the lyrics can easily help you paint a picture in your head of what's goin on, and especially at the build-up to the choruses is when the vocalist is at his prime.

Being based around the music hubs of Manchester and Sheffield it really is no wonder that they've created such an expansive sound with just two members in the band! The single also acts as a massive teaser for their forthcoming mini-album "Fast Track to the Peach Blossom Spring", and if the other tracks as half as good as this then I feel like we are all going to be in for a treat.