Michael Butera shares vibrant new single, "ON MY WAY"

Australian singer-songwriter Michael Butera has recently shared his very sparkling and vibrant new single, "ON MY WAY". It's his first track of 2022, and if anything has taught us is that this track of his will go viral, especially now that he is well over 450k plays on his 2020 single, "Green Garden".

Speaking about the new track he says - "We ALL need to let go and just let life take us where ever it does. Find love, adventure, get heartbroken, travel the world, meet new people. Letting go and letting yourself ride the wave of life can be difficult to do at times. This song ON MY WAY is my ode to that."

His vocals are just so upbeat it's almost so much it hurts your cheecks as you smile from ear to ear. 
The vibrant elements in the track bounce off the hand-claps and the tribal sounding percussion and give "ON MY WAY" one hecking heap of anthemic hooks.

It's one of those tracks that you know you're going to love from the first seven or so seconds, so just head on down below and fall in love with Michael Butera's exciting new single.