Oliver Marson returns with latest offering, "Manipulator"

Oliver Marson today returns with his latest offering, "Manipulator" and is his first tune in two years! With 70k plays on his first three ever singles it sounds like Oliver has come back at the time when darker indie-rock is at a peak, with bands such as Fontaines D.C. and IDLES dominating airwaves now he too is bringing his own sound to the table.

"Manipulator" is a gripping example of dark-wave and post-punk combined into one.

The dark tones reminds me of Chapel Club and White Lies, with his vocals being eve so captivating that they keep you gripped from the beginning. The sounds of the guitars are tremendous, they're just huge and act as a wall of sound in your ears. The whole underlying beta of this song is also very 80's and showcases that Oliver is an artist who thinks of all aspects.

Speaking about the lyrics Oliver mentions - "The first line of the song and overarching message addresses this ''we're sleepwalking with the loonies at the wheel' - we're basically heading into a crisis. Influences include American Psycho, Donald Trump and Boris Johnson." 

"Manipulator" is a gripping example of dark-wave and post-punk combined into one, and certainly needs to have lots of plays behind it, it's one of those hidden gems.

With musicians such as Charles Cave (White Lies) set to appear on future releases it sounds like Oliver Marson is setting up some tracks that dark indie-rock fans will lap up and love.