Sun Smash Palace unveils sun-kissed track, "Do You Know What I Mean?"

Luxembourg's Sun Smash Palace have just last week dropped their shimmering new single "Do You Know What I Mean?". The single is their first since 2021's self-titled track and sounds like their biggest offering to date. The song is also their first since having relocated from Seoul in South Korea to Luxembourg City.

"Do You Know What I Mean?" is a sun-kissed gem that is sure to get anyone out of a funk.

The warm guitar tones are obvious to hear from the outset of the song, and not long after some swooning tones follow with vibrant vocals that can brighten up anyone's day.

The single also acts as the first single from their upcoming EP and sets the tone for the release. Having been influences by the likes of Oasis and The Beatles it's a blend of the swagger of the former and the vibrant reverb filled tones of the latter.

The catchy chorus had me humming it after the first play, "Do You Know What I Mean?" is a sunkissed gem that is sure to get anyone out of a funk. The quartet have been releasing music since 2020 and I'm sure they will be releasing more gorgeous cuts - if this is anything to go by then you need to give them a follow.