Yael Lanciano returns with soothing new pop cut "Back To Love"

Arizona' Yael Lanciano returns with her sweet new track, "Back To Love". The single is her first release since her 2020 debut EP "Open Book" and sees her turn a corner in her music as the sound coming from her now is more chilled out and captivating.

... it's not far from incredible atmospheric-pop.

Not that her previous work was not captivating at all, but it sounds like she's worked hard on this effort. You can hear whispers of electronics literally everywhere in the song, it's so heavily layered, and with her angelic vocals draped on top it's not far from incredible atmospheric-pop.

She's been working on her music from the young age of 15 and has dabbled in and out of the music scene since then. Now it's 2022 her music is better than ever. Speaking about the dong Yael mentions - "This song was inspired by a friend who was going through a difficult time, and my personal experience going through the pandemic as a single woman. Shortly after I wrote the song, I went through some tough stuff personally, and it was incredible how the song served as a reminder of hope, and what is truly important in this life."

All in all it's not bad considering this was recorded in her living room out in LA. It's not certain if Yael will be dropping more music this year, but if this is what a track every two years sounds like then I'm fine with that, as this is pretty damn huge and sounds like it was worth the wait.