Black Mail House shares "Since You Let Me Down", lifted from their debut album

Hailing from sunny California we have Black Mail House with their smooth track, "Since You Let Me Down. The track is lifted from their debut album "Catacombs" and has a lovely sound to it right as soon as you smash the play button.

There's a 90s grunge vibe right away with the acoustic guitars suggesting it might be an alt-punk affair, but once the melodic vocals get going it's welcomed with deeper tones and one whopping big chorus. This might just be the best track on the album, so if you're enjoying this then be sure to check the rest of "Catacombs" out as it's more of the same. 

The LA-based act has really wowed us from the first play, and if you're looking for some melodic grunge-rock with a taste of sun-kissed guitar tones then their new track and album is certainly for you, give it a spin and enjoy!