Grand Courriers reveal "Coin Toss", the first lifted from the band's debut LP

Hailing right out of Minneapolis we have Grand Courriers with their cracking new single, "Coin Toss". The song also doubles up as the first slice of music lifted from their forthcoming debut album.

"Coin Toss" is huge from the get-go and is a track that certainly will get nostalgic vibes right into your ears. The warm guitars tones mixed in with the vocals remind us of The Maccabees mixed with Razorlight, it's an indie-rock lover's wet dream.

There are some nods perhaps to Radiohead's sounds as at the tail end of the first third of the song it gets a bit experimental with the guitar pedals being used getting fuzzy and laced in glorious reverb.

If you love your Indi-Rock and all other associated sub-genres then "Coin Toss" by Grand Courriers is certainly for you!