Lyena share thrilling new single, "Romeo"

Hailing from the capital - London - Lyena are back and last week they shared their thrilling new single, "Romeo", which is their second cut of 2022 and once again showcases that they're one of the bets rising punk acts in the city.

Punk is not dead, nor will it ever be dead, especially when the likes of Lyena are about. Their brand of punk is frantic and has lots of post-punk elements mixed in, the sound really helps to get those fans of grunge and edgy rock music into their sound too without alienating them.

The whole combination of the crunchy guitars, rip-roaring smash and dash drum fills and urgent vocals means that Lyena are the kind of act you'll be keeping an eye on, and with tunes such as this expect to see them smashing it up and down the UK - their sound is so infectious.