Seven Layer Piano Cakes releases latest single, "Endgame"

Hailing from Los Angeles we have Seven Layer Piano Cakes and today sees the release of their latest single, "Endgame". The new cut is their second single of 2022 following on from his well-received track "Remy". With around 50,000 plays on their music since the start of 2021 the band is still in its infancy and has great protentional, and it sounds like they're pretty much there with "Endgame".

"Endgame" sounds like it's the start of something special.

The name of the single might be a tad misleading, as it's not the end but rather the start of something special. The mixture of female and male vocals here is a great touch, as you have some tender tones throughout all the while backed up with those smooth synths that ebb and flow. 

If you keep an ear out you can hear the guitars in this track elevating it into the stratosphere, what Seven Layer Piano Cakes has managed to create here is a tack that Depeche Mode would be more than happy to call their own. 

If you're into the darker realms of electro-pop then be sure to head down and give it a spin, lots of big playlists have already jumped on their bandwagon!