So Much 4 Gravity share dark new tune, "Black Ocean"

Hailing out of Belgium we have So Much 4 Gravity with their synthy rock tune, "Black Ocean". There's a slight familiarity with the French band Phoenix here, blended in with the punch of Franz Ferdinand.

This track was recorded at the tail end of 2021 and sounds as fresh as anything, it's got lots of swagger to it and smooth vocals mixed with strings to compliment the dark tones. There's no wonder they've found their music being played on radio stations in 33+ countries all over the world, the sound is so welcoming and fresh at the same time. 

This is only their third release since forming in 2019, but with the world slowly getting out of restrictions it sounds like So Much 4 Gravity is ready to take on the world next with their brilliant music. So if you like vibrant synth-rock music with a touch of strings then "Black Ocean" is the one for you!