Strumbrush releases latest track, "Still Motion"

Coming out of Atlanta in the USA we have Strumbrush with their amazing post-punk cut, "Still Motion". If you're a fan of Interpol, The Strokes and Gang of Four then Strumbrush's new offering may just be for you. The track has some deep and reassuring vocals backed up with some haunting backing vocals, just keep an ear out for them!

The guitar tones are lifted right from the late 2000s by the sound of it, and when the track kicks up a notch in the final third you can easily hear their influences from XTC and Sonic Youth coming through.  Strumbrush's new track "Still Motion" is a track for anyone who loves their garage-rock or post-punk sounds, so just go give it a spin and enjoy!

Their new album, "Way Back", is out now on Spotify.