Tired of Fighting unveils tight new track, "Chocolate"

Rising Newcastle based band Tired of Fighting today release their new single "Chocolate", with the new cut being their third single release since forming. Right as it kicks off you're fully aware that this is a guitar and vocal-heavy track, with the vocals reminding me a bit of Fall Out Boy in places. 

"Chocolate" is a tremendous track from one of the rising rock outfits in Newcastle.

The song is about being depressed and down during the summertime, speaking about the song Nic (vocals) mentions - "The narrative of the song is basically describing one of those beautiful, picturesque, summer days, one that most people hope for, and you're just miserable." He went on to say "It feels like the world is against you, and that even the Sun is conspiring against you, purposefully rising so you have to experience another day of misery."

The trio sound tight as heck, and with not too many effects going on this sounds like a classic emo/punk track that's vocally dominated by a tight back section. The drums are tumbling throughout and fill all of the voids when the guitars are not around.

This is their first track is two years and is now sounding like their biggest one yet, with close to 20,000 plays on Spotify the trio are looking to break well past that - and if they keep on dropping tunes like this they certainly will - "Chocolate" is a tremendous track from one of the rising rock outfits in Newcastle, so if you're ever up there be sure to show them the support!