Al Mur reveals breezy track, "Duende"

Hailing from the lovely sounding Greenville in North Carolina we have a soothing new track from Al Mur. Titled "Duende" it sounds like the perfect track to stick on when you're studying, like I am with my masters degree at the moment.

The soothing saxophone is obvious here and is the highlight for me, it's jazzy and sassy both at the same time. You honestly don't even realize that the track lacks vocals because the aforementioned Sax acts as the vocals leading the track forwards. The organic drum samples are a delight too, and it helps bind the single together, giving the listener something that feels truly unique.

The song is Al Mur's fourth single of the year and with tracks like this all we can say is we want more, and good news is here as there's already a fifth track out now!