Bad Bloom share soaring new dream-rock cut, "Remnant"

New York's Bad Bloom are back with a dreamy new single, "Remnant", which acts as their first cut of 2022. The duo's first track since 2021's "Automatic" is a fine return to form and features the ever present hazed out vocals backed up with soaring guitar tones. 

In fact their Spotify page even lists Sonic Youth and Joywave as other artists that their fans also like listening to, and you can tell that the Sonic Youth influence has really been given center stage here and "Remnant" too is a huge track that kicks off as soon as you press play.

 The duo have been rising since the release of their debut single back in 2019 and by the sounds of it are ripping it up in New York and Philadelphia. If you're in that region of the USA be sure to keep an eye out for their support slot for  ElTenEleven later on this year, after listening to this new single I'd not want to be the one who missed out on seeing them live. So why not sink your teeth into "Remnant" down below.