Cabin reveals his bright new single, "Whatever You Have"

London singer-songwriter Cabin last week revealed his bright new single, "Whatever You Have". The single is one of those six-minute epics that take you on a whirlwind and showcase the artists' sound down beautifully - that's exactly what we have here - no wonder he's found his way into several large Spotify playlists and being picked up by BBC Radio.

We've got some washed-out vocals throughout backed up with whispering vocals that sound like they can convince you to do anything. Also, there are delicate piano keys tickling the psychedelic bassline giving the song some proper meat. I'd say the track really comes alive in the second half where it's basically a psych-pop track even Kevin Parker would be proud of.

Considering this is Cabin's fourth single to date suggests that he's going on to do big things, so check out "Whatever You Have" down below.