Camens return with charging new single, "Poltergeist"

Stoke's leading anthem making band Camens have sensationally returned with their charging new single, "Poltergeist". The song is their first since the band released their 2020 singe "Leave Me In Pieces", and is a welcome return to form for one heck of an exciting band.

As soon as you hit play the song screams anthem with those ever so commanding vocals and haunting guitar tones setting you up for a ride. Soon after the track builds up with tumbling drums and thick basslines that sound like they've been taken right out of Arctic Monkeys' second album.

"Poltergeist" is one of those tracks that will be able to win over anyone who loved guitar based music, and as I've said before it's an out and out anthem with plenty of soaring guitar tones and howling vocals to keep you gripped to the very end.