Evie Balfe unveils atmospheric new track, "Wearing A Crown"

London singer-songwriter Evie Balfe recently released her second song of the year, "Wearing a Crown". With love from BBC Introducing and a decent amount of blogs and Spotify playlisters she's certainly on a rise.

The new cut is one of those types of songs that's atmospheric and soulful from the outset. Evie's vocals are pure bliss, ethereal and commanding at the same time she grabs your attentiuon and hooks you in. In places the vocals are haunting too, which reminds me of the darker side of Grimes, but it sounds like Evie's music is even bigger.

The track is very timid at the beginning with some light sytnhs that sound like they've been cherry pikced from a Final Fantasy soundtrack, charming and yet entising. Once the drum patterns turn up teh trakc builds and builds right before the latter third when it erupts into a synthy wonder. "Wearing a Crown" is well worth sticking through to the very end as by the end of it you'll be pining for more.