Harrison Rimmer reveals infectious new track, "The South"

York and Yorkshire to an extent will always be a great cradle of amazing acts waiting to burst out onto the national scene, and the latest act sounds like they are ready for the big time.  Harrison Rimmer is that artist and with his big and bold new track, "The South", it's obvious from the outset that he's looking for the big stages.

Harrison's vocals are so damn soulful and remind me of the best Americana singers as the song is wrapped around plenty of guitar riffs and big basslines. There's a sudden urge to get your groove on to this song as the drumbeat teases you for the full duration of the track with its infectious BPM.

Speaking about the song Harrison mentions - "The South" is my attempt at combining my love of rockabilly with punk. The idea of the south was conceived after supporting Howlin Ric & The Rocketeers. Just hearing that style of music live and the way it felt connected with a part of me I hadn’t felt since I was kid listened to Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash and all those Sun Records guys."

The song is a part of his latest EP, also titled "The South", and is a huge statement from the singer-songwriter, one that should not go unnoticed by record labels up and down the UK. Keep an eye on him because we're already getting excited.