Lisa Curran unveils new tune, "Milkshake Sky"

Rising Irish singer Lisa Curran has recently unveiled her  new tune, "Milkshake Sky". The  Kerry-based signer-songwriter's latest offering is absolutely huge, there's no getting around that, and it sounds like it was written to be the centerpiece of a motion picture OST.

Her vocals are the main focus point for the track, and for most of the review to be honest. She's very ethereal throughout the song, and when layered up with the backing vocals it elevated the track to new heights. The range she is also capable of is festival headline worthy, with enough mood and emotion behind it to capture you as a fan.

Instrumentally it's a pretty solid track too, with the highlights for me being the droplets of guitars that cascade down in the chorus. Lisa is yet another prime example of an Irish vocalist who's looking to break out and into the wider known world, so be sure to give her a listen and a follow.