Morisse Monty shares his infectious single "Nishida"

Hailing from Antwerp in Belgium we have Morisse Monty with his infectious single "Nishida", the song acts as his third release of 2022. Still riding high since the release of his "Breaking waves" EP back in 2021 it honestly sounds like he's take it up a notch with "Nishida".

As soon as the track starts off you are welcomed with some wonky guitar tones, fuzzed the heck up and some pumping drum beats. His vocals remind me of LCD Soundsystem in places, and the similarities don't stop there as the fuzz on the guitar gets turned up and is there throughout, which in turn makes sure you'll be listening right up to the last beat.

Once it's finished "Nishida" left me wanting more, and after delving into the last few tracks he's released it sounds like he's on course to be dropping another one in the next few months. Speaking about the track Morisse mentions - "This song is about Nishida-san, a homeless man who makes a living picking the streets of Osaka clean. Nishida is happy with what he’s got and makes the best of it. This is a homage to his kind spirit." 

The track will feature on his forthcoming debut album, so be sure to follow him on Spotify so you don't miss out.