Morning Trips share dreamy grunge single, "Where Is Your Out?"

Coming out from Florida we have Morning Trips with their grunge tinted new tune, "Where Is Your Out?". The single is the first for the quartet since their viral track - "Assult" - came out last year, and it's been a whirlwind since. 

With well over 100k plays on Spotify it's seen them get picked up by tastemakers, playlisters and of course by new fans along the way.  "Where Is Your Out?" is a moulding of grunge with a tint of dream-pop mixed in. There are guitars that sound heavily influenced by the 90s grunge scene, but with the backing of some dream-pop style vocals. The chorus is the band at their best with the amps sounding like they've been turned up to 11 to get your fullest attention.

It's a blend of genres and maybe that's why we've been coming back to this track time again. The single is out now and with the hype behind this, I'm sure it'll once again get Morning Trips' name out on the wider music scenes in not just Florida but perhaps the USA.