Rauly returns with a heartwarming new single, "Obvious"

Rauly today is back with a gorgeous new single, "Obvious", and at the time of writing it's not even hit Spotify - that's how fresh this tune is. The new cut is his fourth release of the year and is yet again a stride forwards to getting known by the world, as this song is one of the most beautiful songs we've heard in ages.

Speaking about the song he mentions - "I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life and feeling lost when I wrote this. Everyone can relate to feeling lost inside, through this song I want people to realize that if they reflect and look at their life, they'll find that what they want to do is obvious."

His vocals are the highlight when you start listening, very soulful and would not sound out of place in a Blues/Soul sounding track. Backed up by soaring strings and clean acoustic guitar tones the song is relatively bare, but highlights that Rauly can put together a track that can hold and captive you right until the end.

If you want a rising singer-songwriter to keep an eye on Rauly is the chap for you. With every release his Spotify followers and plays go up drastically, so who knows what'll happen next - just be sure that you're a part of it.