Rena Hart returns from hiatus with "Ride or Die"

"Ride or Die" is Rena Hart's first slice of new music since 2020's "Brilliant", and might I say it's a fine return to form. The LA-based solo artist has a solid back catalogue (trust me as I've given some of her tracks a spin) and this new track blows them all out of the water with its thick synth hooks.

Speaking about the track Rena mentions - "It's about finding your way with someone who's there for the ups and downs. It's about the journey and all it entails. It's about tenacity, hope and love."

It's not just synths that adorn this track, but some electro-rock sounding guitars and of course, her vocals, which in places sound computer-generated with the glitchy effects. It's a cross-genre blend of pop and electronics, certainly one to listen to if you like any of those genres of music - or anything in-between.

There's no doubt that her vocals are the main point of focus here, and it sounds like this track may just find it's way into a good few playlists - ours being one of them - so why not check out "Ride or Die" down below!