Sätilä reveals gorgeous new tune, "Eyes To The Sun"

Finnish singer-songwriter and all-around good guy Sätilä is back, and he has revealed the gorgeous new single, "Eyes To The Sun", with an equally stunning video too! Now with over 800k plays the new track is aiming to double it, and based on the quality of the track (and the visuals too) it's looking likely his stats are set to be doubled.

"Eyes To The Sun" is a prime example of anthemic Indie-Rock, and with it coming from Finland it's wrapped up in lämpöä and gives you the sense that Summer is right around the corner. There is no doubt that Sätilä' s vocals are one of the best in the country, and with the instrumentation being as shimmering as it is we feel like he could be flying the flag for Finnish music very soon!

Head on down to take a look at the video for the new single.