Sister Wanzala reveal dreamy new track, "Perfume"

London based Sister Wanzala has recently revealed their very dreamy new track, "Perfume". Oddly enough Sister Wanzala is comprised of twin brothers and their older brother (not sisters... curveball alert!), they are Patrick Wanzala-Ryan (Guitar/Vocals/Eldest Brother) and Christopher Wanzala-Ryan (Bass/Twin 1) and Mark Wanzala-Ryan (Drums/Twin 2).

"Perfume" could easily be one of the biggest dream-pop tracks of the last 5 years, it's got all of the atmospheric and hazy vocal tones (backed up with the smooth and slightly haunting backing vocals), crisp drum patterns and reverb laced guitars with plenty of wash - enough to cause a tidal wave!

They've released a couple of EP's to date, but this new release sits well above them all and will no doubt push their name out into the capital city even more. Move over Beach House and Wild Northing, there's a new name rising to the top!