The New Nostalgia drop crunching new track, "Ibis Budget"

Ah the "Ibis Budget", my favourite hotel chain when you just need something for the night, and now there's a theme for the low-end hotel. One thing to mention is that The New Nostalgia's new cut is hardly low-end, more rather a top-notch punk-rock track with plenty of shouty vocals you can easily see thousands of punters in a festival field singing back to them.

The angst from the guitar hooks is evident here and it reminds me of Slaves mixed with early Gallows. The drums are as fast-paced as the vocals, complimenting them rather well throughout the single. It's certainly a powerful tune that'll have you wanting more, which is great for you as they're due to be dropping their debut album - "BLEED & BLOOM" - which is due out later on in 2022.