The Parlophonics share the charming new single, "Heaven Can Wait"

Hailing from Dresden in Germany we have The Parlophonics with their warming new track, "Heaven Can Wait". Since the band released their debut single in 2021 they've accumulated over 100k plays on Spotify, and with this smooth new track now out in the world I feel like that number could easily get eclipsed, not a bad way to start teasing music from their forthcoming album!

The harmony in the vocals are some of the best I've heard in a while, and the warm guitar tones are very mellow and inviting. Combined together "Heaven Can Wait" feels almost country with hints of britpop and folk elements shining too.

Germany is not known as a stereotypical place to find warm and soulful folk based music (from a British persons perspective), and I tell you what I loved it. So if you're after a slow, warming and folk tinted track check out "Heaven Can Wait".