The Rapports drop fresh new tune, "Alive"

The ever amazing Brighton outfit, otherwise known as The Rapports, has recently dropped a fresh new tune, "Alive" and it sounds like the band has come of age with this one.

As soon as you smash that play button  - well of course you'd smash it if you heard their previous tunes - you are welcomed with a vibrant guitar and perfectly reverbed vocals before the track comes alive with a wash of sunshine and tambourine.

The chorus is peak The Rapports and sums up their sound in a perfect nutshell, and if you were wondering what that is, it's 'anthemic indie-rock with a cosy vibe'. They're the kind of band you can still see at small touring venues, and be sure to give them your time as they're on the rise!

As the band say in their press release "Bring on the summer", and I echo that as this is going into our main playlist for the rest of the year it's that good!