The Unbeat Soul reveals charming debut single, "Glance"

The Unbeat Soul has recently released his debut single, "Glance", and what a debut track. The Unbeat Soul is the project of singer-songwriter/producer Stephen Langstaff and it came to be during the first covid lockdown in the UK, and you can hear that with the vulnerability in the song and the fragile piano tones.

His vocals are simply amazing, with the soft tones taking anyone who might be feeling unsure of his music and turning them into a fan. It's two and a half minutes of pure bliss, the perfect balance of his vocals and piano tones is something to admire. 

As mentioned it's a fragile track, and with maybe only two or so stems being in the track it's emotive and raw at the same time. With a strong debut single now out there and released into the world, the focus is on the next tune, and I'm sure he will blow us away once more, so be sure to follow him on the socials and share the love.