Toothbrush share their edgy debut cut, "Kaleidoscope"

London's Toothbrush last week shared their edgy debut single, "Kaleidoscope". The guitars hit you instantly when the track first gets going, it's hazy and sets the tone for the rest of the three and a half minutes.

Then those vocals full of attitude come in, you can imagine it already - feels like smoke rolls across the room and then shouts in your face - could quite possibly be one of the angsty vocalists I've heard recently. Genre-wise it's a blend of punk and alt-rock, and if you're a fan of the latter of the two genres I feel that you'll love this.

Imagine if Hard-Fi done a collab with The Streets and Slaves, that's where Toothbrush's debut track would fit in. It's a track with lots of edge, so be sure to keep listening right until the end!